Of the zillions of websites out there, how many do you know that are dictated by a cat? Yes, I said dictated, not dedicated. You can probably count the number of sites created by a cat on one paw, er, hand. Check out this link https://theliteratecat.com/.

There you’ll have the pleasure of meeting Lucinda, a very knowledgeable feline providing valuable information and sage advice on pretty much everything Catamus Maximus. Lucinda is your go-to-kitty for all things cat, and I highly recommend visiting and getting to know her.

While there, you will also meet Fran Kelso, a.k.a. Cantankerous Cat Lady. She is Lucinda’s lady-in-waiting and quite an interesting character herself.

Fran has authored a book or two about living in Alaska, e.g. Alaskan Plant Lore, Alaskan Attitudes, and after living with cats for 80 years and counting, she’s probably taught Lucinda a thing or two about meowsers. (Pronounced Me-ow-ser. Well, it’s a word now!)